I Spy With My Little Mobile
curated By Fred Cosci
1.11.19 - 1.3.20
Brighton, UK


'I spy with my little eye' is a rhyme used in the children's guessing game of the same name to indicate what it is that is being looked at by one of the players. The others need to guess the object chosen by the Spy with a hint that follows the rhyme, as in ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with…’ 

In a society we are all voyeurs, we love to 'spy' everytime something or someone and our mobile phones has become the greatest spy on the planet. The smartphone is our private peepshow.
The purpose of the project is to try to offer to the viewers the artist  point of view and try to focus on something that is hidden, banal or simply a different ways of seeing things especially linked to art and internet culture. 

The exhibition is based on the Wrong Router, a device designed and engineered to display digital art to everyone nearby with a smartphone or tablet, via ︎WiFi. It's a tool that allows you to showcase digital art shows anywhere, without the need of internet, wall space or screen setup. The viewers just need to connect their smartphone via wi-fi to the router to be able to see all the artworks hosted in it.


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